One for the planet Formation et Sensibilisation Luxembourg - FSL


The aim of the project is to promote eco-friendly behaviour among organisers of local and international youth activities in order to make projects less-polluting, organic, energy-saving and responsible.

The project emphasizes the role youth workers will play on the future of EU projects, including the way they will be conceptualized, implemented, managed, and disseminated. It was born from the realization that, under given circumstances such as the COVID-19 outbreak and with the right motivation, our societies have the potential to make compromises and adjustments which make our work routines and livelihoods more environmentally harmonic.
In light of this, the project focuses on providing instruments for youth workers to contribute to making EU projects more sustainable and eco-friendly, lessening their burden upon our
nal environments. It is its aim to empower youth workers and youth leaders by building up their skills and capacity to make EU projects more environmentally responsible. This
effort involves the development of educational tools and trainings methodologies, the conceptualization of more circular attitudes and procedures to utilize material within the
projects, the collection of reflections that contributes to the emergence of more sustainable policies, and the constitution of a transnational network of environmentally concerned
youth workers.